Roll Credits

For this, the final post from this blog, the “we” is going to change to “I” – this last post is not written by the “building committee,” but from my own viewpoint, myself – Emily Williams. I’m doing this in order to express some personal observations and thoughts, and recognize some people from the project […]

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Counting Down

It is just amazing to see all that has been happening this past week. The chapel ceiling and flooring and trim, the ceiling tiles in the chapel lobby and connector, flooring downstairs, classroom carpeting, a second (final) coat of paint in many areas … the place is being transformed. Many little things are being done, […]

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Mark Your Calendars

This week we had confirmation from our contractor of something they had told us two weeks ago, that we have been sitting on … *drum roll*  Mark your calendars for December 16 for a dedication and open house for the new building! Hooray! More details will come soon about what that event will involve – […]

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We Have Power!

Today is a milestone day – our building is now connected to power! Hooray! The next step is an inspection (scheduled for Monday) and then and only then will we begin to see systems and circuits turned on. By mid-week next week we hope that we will have lights and air handlers running. The priority […]

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Things Are Looking Up!

The biggest visible change this week has to do with the ceilings, notably the upper level ceilings in classrooms and corridors. With the ceilings almost completely in, the perspective on the size of those rooms snaps into place. They are going to be lovely – really wonderful spaces for classes and meetings. The chapel also […]

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