Crane Over Me

If you happened to tune in to the web cam today you would have seen a big crane – the biggest one yet – lifting the roof trusses into place for the roof of the lower building. These will be welded into place, and then the roof decking will be lifted up and bolted and […]

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Concrete Progress

Today was a day we’ve been waiting for – the weather finally allowed us to pour the floor for the second level of the lower building! Zak, our construction supervisor, arrived at around 5:15a to get ready, and the first cement truck arrived at 6:15a. They were still pouring 4 hours later, and it was […]

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Decking and Grade Beams

After a couple of weeks of fairly quiet days on the work site, we have had a flurry of activity this week. The week started with the crew tightening the bolts that connected the steel structure – very loud, and reverberating along the beams. At one point we had two lifts, two ladders, a crane, […]

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Dream Team

Remember to pray for the people who are leading the work. In the photo accompanying this post you see Charles Nickelson (RND), Peter Hausmann (CTW), TJ Land (CHBC), and Zak Hamlett CTW). These guys, along with Steve Pulling from RND, and Emily Williams from CHBC, are the people who pay attention day by day to […]

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Happy New Year!

Wow, what a difference ten days makes at this stage in a construction project! If you look out now at the site you will see lots of steel structure – most of the lower floor of the lower building has its basic steel shape, and the definition of the upper floor is beginning to take […]

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