Pathways to Change

Take a good look at the coffee area and the offices the way they are now when you come to church this coming Sunday, because it is likely that you will not see them look the same ever again! Starting Monday the renovation of this space will begin. It is likely to begin quietly, with […]

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Putting On a Facade

The bricklayers have begun their work this week. The lowest three courses of bricks are in place along the east side of the lower building. As this gets going you will definitely get more and more of an idea of what the building will finally look like! We also believe that sometime in the next […]

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A Plethora of Progress

This week the main thing that you will see is that the structural steel framing for the chapel and connector are nearly finished. You can definitely begin to get an idea of the look and feel of that lofty space. We have had the blessing of many days of good weather, which has meant steady […]

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, …

… it’s a 12,000 lb. steel beam! Yes, that’s right! Yesterday, our team enjoyed witnessing the largest piece of construction material go into place in the chapel. We’ve been talking about this moment for the last several weeks because it represents a start of a significant chapter not only in this expansion project, but also […]

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Can I have your autograph?

After last week’s very wonderful day, Thursday, when the largest piece of steel was delivered, the building committee visited the site to celebrate and sign it. Of course we are all busy people, so we actually took three visits to all get out there. But in the end everyone had a chance, and we are […]

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Beam It Up, Scotty!

The big long beam did indeed come – at around 9:45 Thursday morning. Not only were some members of the building committee there, but our team from CTW and RND and CHBC’s own David and Becca Walters photographing the event. The large truck with its large cargo rolled in, and then came the figuring out […]

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