Rainy Days and Mondays

Last week there was no update, not because nothing was happening, but because it was hard to get into the site because of all of the rain we had! About seven inches over the course of the week left the ground very soft and muddy in many areas. This week benefited from the sunny, breezy […]

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Sheet Rock Around the Clock

Well, maybe not around the clock literally, but we definitely have had a lot of it installed on the lower level of the new building. Once the glass was in the windows we could get started on that, and they are going great guns down there. It is pretty amazing to think back over the […]

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Many Hands Make Light Work

There are a couple of dozen workers busy all day long each day, and they are getting a lot done – but it is hard to describe what is being accomplished! But, let’s see: we have more ductwork being installed on the chapel level; the HVAC piping was pressure-tested and passed; continued masonry on the […]

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Siding On Dry Days Ahead

This week, quite a bit of the metal siding on the upper section of the lower building has been installed. Brick is going up on the exterior chapel walls, and window frames are being installed on the upper level and the back of the adult space in the new building. This window framing must happen […]

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Siding and Windows

This week the window glass has started to be installed, as well as the metal siding for the upper level. On the chapel, the wood blocking for the window openings have been installed as well as the edges of the roof. The black air barrier is being rolled on to the chapel sheathing. Ducts in […]

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Windows of Opportunity

The window frames have begun to be installed in the office section. Now we can get an idea of what it will look like. Above that, on the upper floor, the brackets and insulation are being installed for the metal siding. At the end of last week, the exterior doors and wall section was demolished […]

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