Room With a View

On Sunday, you will be able to see into the Connector from the lobby by the kitchen! They have taken down the temporary wall that has been there for several months because they are installing the ceiling grid from the first part of the connector back into the lobby area. This will look quite a […]

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Down to Earth

The biggest visible change this week is the grading. The landscaping team has been here all week spreading soil of various types. The fine grading was done by the site contractor last week, and over that subsoil goes topsoil. Different parts of the grounds will have different kinds of plantings, so there are a variety […]

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We have a fire lane!

This week the fire lane was finally completed. This is a big milestone for the project, as it is the biggest area of concrete on the site itself. Concrete is a tricky substance – it needs to be poured and floated and scored with expansion joints in a very short timeframe when the weather is […]

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Oh Florence!

Of course, this week has seen a lot of energy spent on planning for a possible catastrophic visit from Florence. Thankfully, it seems that the forecast from earlier in the week will not materialize for this area. Nevertheless, our contractors are boarding up the openings that remain in the building and “buttoning up the site” […]

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Don’t Fence Me In!

Milestone for the week: the fencing around the construction site has been taken down! Without that barrier, and since so much of the front side of the site has had its fine grading, you can definitely get a feel for what it will be like when that building opens. The fencing was taken down to […]

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You’ll Be Floored this Sunday

It looks so nice! The new flooring in The Commons is spectacular! Be sure you compliment the building committee folks when you see them for their selections, especially the Furnishings and Finishes group – Jean Sailer, Sonya Hove, Julie Spencer, and Eric McKiddie. Other finishing touches are appearing in that area of the renovation, too, […]

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